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The end of a fabulous chapter - thank you Sheila!

On 31 December 2018, Sheila Saner, our Regional Chairman is stepping down after 9 years in the role. As a Region, we are so grateful to Sheila for everything she has done. To this day, we have never been sure how she has juggled all her tasks with such efficiency, energy, professionalism and, of course, a never-ending smile!

Sheila now begins a new chapter in her RDA life as Chairman of the new Nantwich and District Group; and County Chairman of Greater Manchester. In addition, she has the great honour of being made an Honorary Life Vice President of the RDA. We wish Sheila all the very best with her new roles and we are delighted that she will remain actively involved with the Regional Committee.

The committee members of the North West Region have worked closely with Sheila over the years. We wanted to share their thoughts on Sheila:

“If our team were a car, you Sheila would be the fuel that drives it. It is a pleasure to work with you to help make the North West the best.

Well done and thank you”. Glenny

“I have known Sheila for many years, since I first rode with RDA as a child and more recently assisting her as a volunteer within the Region. Sheila has been an amazing Regional Chair and a pleasure to work with. Her enthusiasm for RDA; never ending hard work for the Region and beyond; support for each and every rider; and infectious cheerfulness is truly admirable.” Tania

“How grateful I am to have met Sheila at Julie’s wedding reception and for introducing me to a wonderful charity which is RDA. I am so happy to have been able to support her as a Volunteer, in her quest to make our Region one of the best, if not the best” Julia

“Sheila - if only we could all be as unselfish with our time. You are a true example to us all in RDA, instilling the charity with enthusiasm and good humour. Thank you Sheila for introducing me to RDA - a new chapter awaits you personally and I am sure you will fill the new role with your usual gusto”. Julie

“In the six years I have known Sheila I have always been impressed by the enthusiasm, drive and caring attitude shown towards participants, group volunteers and every branch of RDA. We have indeed been fortunate to have her as North West Chairperson of the regional committee and are grateful that she will be continuing her involvement with RDA in the NW for some time yet”. Lisa

“I am always amazed by the sheer quantity of work that Sheila undertakes for the North West Region. It is a testament to her activity throughout the region that so many coaches, volunteers and riders are familiar with her ready smile and warm encouragement.” Jen

“Since meeting Sheila at one of our Manchester groups, Sheila has become a wonderful friend and mentor to me. It has been such a treat to learn so much and support Sheila in her fantastic work within the region and nationally. Sheila’s energy and passion is contagious, and I love being part of the RDA journey with her.” Gill

“Sheila has put an inordinate amount of effort into making the North West Region a very successful organisation. She has dealt with all situations with kindness and consideration. Her input has been exceptional. We will miss her terribly.” Jane

“Sheila’s enthusiasm about our Region and our helpers is infectious, even when things aren’t going well. She has been a great encouraging influence to all.” Jeanette

“Dynamic, diplomatic, caring, pragmatic and entirely unflappable; these are just some of the countless qualities and attributes that describe the indefatigable force of nature that is Sheila Saner. Sheila takes multi-tasking to a new level, always having numerous projects on the go, in addition to the countless initiatives simmering away in her mind. Never far from her phone or notebook Sheila has to be seen to be believed; where her commitment to RDA is concerned she is never “off”!

Progressive in her approach to charity and disability, Sheila is a brilliant, shining light in a world where many are only just investing in electricity! I consider myself very fortunate to count her as a friend; she has been, and will continue to be, a great friend to the North West – we are very lucky indeed! Thank you Sheila! Xx” Sarah

“Sheila is one of those people for whom you are prepared to go that extra mile, a leader, listener and exceptional doer. It has been a memorable pleasure to have been part of her team.” George

On 1 January 2019 our new Regional Chair will be Gill Petty and we look forward to working with Gill in her new role.

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