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New Tack Library Launched

In August Saddleworth RDA launched a ‘Tack Library’ scheme. This library uses donated tack, instead of books, and participants have the opportunity to borrow either a saddle or bridle which they take home to clean, take apart, put back together and then return.

The aim is to promote riders’ education and learning, guided by the Riding & Horse Care proficiency tests and to provide ongoing sensory stimulation beyond regular weekly riding lessons. Participants learn how to care for leather equipment, check stitching and straps to make sure it’s safe to use, know the name of the parts of each item and develop a better understanding of how saddles and bridles work. Participants can improve fine motor skills by using the buckles whilst having a sensory experience with the different smells and textures found on the tack.

Saddleworth RDA are very grateful to their supporters who have donated unwanted tack to the library.

Charlie and Tia were excited to be the first participants to borrow from the Tack Library!


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