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Big cheers for the volunteers at The Foresters' Horn

The Foresters’ Horn group has been running since 1983. They have used a number of venues and  currently run sessions every week in term time at Wirral Riding Centre, Ness on a Tuesday and Larton Riding School on a Thursday. The 18 riders include primary age children, secondary age children and adults. In the summer they have a picnic ride at Parkgate Pony Sanctuary and a visit to Clwyd Special Riding Centre in Wales where some of the riders have the chance to ride the mechanical horse.

The group at Larton comes from a local special school while the riders at Wirral Riding Centre, who are of all ages, come as individuals. The group has 38 volunteers who have been with them for between just a few months to over 40 years. They work with dedication and enthusiasm, and just love to see the joy that riding brings and the progress that the riders make as they develop their equestrian skills.

A few months ago Janet Simpson, our Cheshire County Chair, kindly went to present long service awards to four of their very long-serving volunteers. Three of them are coaches and the other has been a key member of the group since it was initially set up all those years ago!

The 4 award recipients in this photo: Moira, Barbara, Ruth and Celia  (seen here with the lovely Niamh and Happy) had put in a total of an amazing 130 years between them! Both the Region and The Foresters' Horn would like to thank them for their amazing commitment and all they have contributed to the success of The Foresters’ Horn over the years.

Four Group volunteers, wearing red, with three holding framed long service certificates.  Janet Simpson in centre of photo.  A rider rides a pony. Standing in indoor school.
Volunteer presentation at The Foresters' Horn


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