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Three Isle of Man Riders Qualify for RDA National Championships

Many congratulations to Isle of Man RDA Group Riders, Chloe, Ben and Sarah who have all qualified for the RDA National Championships in July. This year the riders competed, at the RDA NW Regional Championships, virtually and submitted videos of their Dressage Test and Countryside Challenge Entry for judging. Recording entries by video can be a challenge but it did allow the riders from the Isle of Man to compete on the horses they usually ride, instead of borrowing horses.

The Dressage was judged by Jeanette Dixon and the Countryside Challenge by Janet Simpson. The results were:


Grade 6 Walk and Trot

Sarah (1st) - Qualified

Chloe (2nd) - Qualified

Grade 7 Walk and Trot

Ben (1st) – Qualified

Countryside Challenge

Countryside Challenge – Leader or Side walker

Chloe (1st) - Qualified

Ben (2nd) – Qualified

Sarah (3rd)

Well done and good luck to all three riders, who are hoping to compete at the National Championships on borrowed horses. We are already looking forward to seeing everyone at the RDA NW Regional Championships 2024.


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