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Countdown to the RDA NW Regional Show!

The RDA NW Regional Show is now less two weeks and is on Sunday 22 May at Warren Farm EC!! No doubt your preparations are in full swing!! We would love to see your photos of your Group getting ready and practising for the show over the next couple of weeks. Please tag us into your Facebook posts (RDA North West), so we don’t miss them, and we will try and share as many as possible across the Regional page.

Also, we are on the lookout for those inspirational North West RDA “hero stories”. All the riders (and, of course volunteers; horses and ponies too!) are heroes. But if Groups have a story about a super hero rider, who is competing at the Regional Show, that has overcome a particular extra challenge to compete, then we would love to feature them. Maybe they have been unable to ride for a while due to illness or Covid but have pulled out all the stops to come to the show; maybe it is the first time they have plucked up courage to compete; or maybe have recently had to start riding a new horse and have had to work extra hard to build that partnership. Please either put their story (and photo) on your Group Facebook page, tagging us in, or DM the story to us (and photo), but you must have the rider/parents' consent for us to share this. We will try and feature as many as possible but would need these before 14 May.

More details on the Regional Show, including a show site plan, can be found on our Events Page


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