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2019 - What a fantastic year!

2019 was a fantastic year for the RDA NW Region and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Our Regional Committee, who are all unpaid volunteers, had an especially busy time. Here is summary of some of what was achieved in 2019:

  • Organised the Regional Show, with the kind assistance of Crosby RDA, where 37 riders from 7 groups competed. Riders from 7 groups went on to attend the National Championships;

  • Organised the Regional Riding Holiday, which was attended by 5 riders, and 15 volunteers, over 3 days;

  • Hosted the Regional Conference which was enjoyed by over 90 people connected with groups from across the Region;

  • Organised a team of 70 volunteers (from 8 RDA Groups) to represent RDA at Liverpool International Horse Show;

  • Designed and Distributed 3000 copies of the RDA NW News, throughout the Region;

  • Organised 3 dressage training days, with 10 riders over those days (including 3 junior riders). Our Dressage Rep and Dressage Training Co-ordinator also attended 3 meetings at RDA National Office;

  • Attended the National Coaching Conference;

  • Our Treasurer kept our accounts in order; dealt with the receipt of kind donations; paid expenses and attended meetings at National Office. We also registered for Virgin Money Giving;

  • Our Regional Physio supported coaches, visiting groups to advise on riders and answering email enquiries. Our Regional Physio also presented at the Regional Conference and delivered the Medical Therapy Module;

  • Our New Group Liaison Officer assisted with the start-up of one new group with a couple of other exciting new groups in the pipeline;

  • Answered numerous enquiries from new (and existing) participants and volunteers;

  • Kept you up to date on the NW Region’s News through Facebook and our Website;

  • Fundraised tirelessly for the Region and obtained kind support from many. In particular thanks go to West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity (who provided a grant towards our Regional Show); Laser Quantum and Dominion Lodge No 4289 (from Prescot Masonic Hall).

We could not have done this without all the wonderful people who have supported us, volunteered or participated. THANK YOU!

We are really excited to be looking forward another busy year and planning for the 2020 Regional Show and Riding Holiday are already well underway!!

RDA North West Region operates under the umbrella of RDA UK (Charity Number 244108), however, as a Region we fundraise independently for the funds needed to undertake the work we do. Donations make a huge difference and we are so grateful for your support.

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