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Mo Vesty wins Anne Thorpe Memorial Trophy

Seaside Venture Group

On Sunday 4th Dec I went to Seaside Venture Groups Christmas Party to present the Anne Thorpe Memorial Trophy for 2016 to Mo Vesty. It was an absolutely lovely moment as she was totally SHOCKED. For me it was very humbling as she kept saying she didn't deserve it. I assured her it WAS well deserved and she was totally happy as was all the Group both participants and volunteers who were really pleased she had received recognition.

Mo was nominated by Beryl Clarkson and Chris Pollitt.

Mo started with the Group in Autumn 2015.

Mo has Asthma, 2 types of Arthritis, Dislocating Joints & wears leg braces.

In such a short space of time since starting riding with us she has passed her Grade 1 & 2 and is hoping to do Grade 3 by Christmas. We have to “rein” her in, as she is now so confident, chatty and bubbly.

Her new role is to promote the Group at events and Regionally, speaking when required and especially at the Participant event. At our recent 'Blessing of the Horse' she ended up with the Bishop sitting on the grass in full regalia enthralled by Mo’s life and RDA experiences!

She is an ambassador and mentor for us all in life. She has developed poise, balance and skills and is a credit to RDA, telling everyone the benefits (sometimes not seen) from riding.

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