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Endurance Riding

Greater Manchester are leading the way for the North West in Endurance. With Chairwoman Elaine Green, a keen Endurance competitor herself, participants and volunteers are receiving great coaching and a lot of enthusiasm! Based in the largest park in South Manchester, linking to the river Mersey, the Group have the luxury of kilometres of rides in a beautiful setting. Riders benefit from a fun mix of school based sessions, and rides out in the park, all good experience for endurance riding, and contributing to the RDA Endurance Accumulator certificate. In November (2015), the Group ran the first official 1km Endurance Ride, using the local water park as the scene for the event. The 1km route was a great experience for the riders and volunteers, facing new challenges such as stiles, steep slopes, and geese! 7 riders took on the challenge, all receiving their first 1km certificates. With the weather now slowly improving, a 3km event is being planned for April, meanwhile plenty of practice is being gained in each weekly session. The Group are planning on more events through 2016 in Wythenshawe Park, and invite other Groups to participate. For more details please contact Elaine Green (chair), or Gill Petty (trustee) at

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