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Region Celebrating Great Success at RDA National Championships!

A number of riders from 6 different groups attended the RDA National Championships, at Hartpury, from 13 to 15 July 2018 and the Region celebrated great success in Dressage, Countryside Challenge, Carriage Driving, Showing and Arts & Crafts Classes.

In addition to the competitions, everyone got into the spirit of the National Championships which is believed to be the biggest event of its kind in the world for disabled horse riders and carriage drivers. East Liverpool RDA hosted a fantastic BBQ for the Region and we partied at the yellow themed disco. Some of the Region’s Committee even had a go on the vaulting horse! A few photos are below.

Well done to each and every rider; the horses; their groups and volunteers. A massive thanks to everyone who supported them and made this possible.

Full results from all three days can be found on the RDA National Website click here to see them.

Riders who were placed 1st -7th, in their classes, were:

Class 1 -3 Carriage Driving Class

Jane O’Neill (Red Rose) – Open - 1st

Jennifer Yates (Red Rose) – Novice – 6th

Class 15 Countryside Challenge (independent)

Alexandra Pethard (East Liverpool) - Junior - 3rd

Annie Wordley (West Lancashire) – Senior - 2nd

Class 24 RDA Search for a Star Showing

Kassia Amelia Dudek-McGee (East Liverpool) – 2nd

Class 33 Dressage Championships Grade 1-6 (Walk and Trot) Senior

Karen Dunne (Pendle) – 1st (who also received a rosette for the highest dressage mark!)

Class 35 Dressage Championships Grade I/D (Canter)

Alexandrea Pethard (East Liverpool) – Junior – 4th

Kassia Amelia Dudek-McGee (East Liverpool) – Junior – 6th

Annie Wordley (West Lancs) – Senior – 2nd

Class 36 Dressage Championships (Led Walk and Trot) Junior

Madison Farrell (East Liverpool) 7th

Class 51 Countryside Challenge (independent)

Reuben Juckes (East Liverpool) – Junior – 2nd

Karen Dunne (Pendle) – Senior – 5th

Class 66 Best Turned Out (Junior)

Kassia Amelia Dudek-McGee (East Liverpool) – 4th

Class 67 Best Turned Out (Senior)

Amie Du Buisson Spargo (East Liverpool) – 2nd

Class 73 Arts and Crafts Sculpture (individual)

Annie Wordley (West Lancs) – 3rd

Class 77 Dressage Championships Grade 3

Jennifer Yates (East Liverpool) – Senior - 6th

Craig Harrison (Foresters’ Horn) – Senior - 7th

Class 84 Dressage Freestyle Grade 3

Craig Harrison (Foresters’ Horn) – Senior – 3rd

Class 89 Countryside Challenge (Led or 1 side walker)

Madison Farrell (East Liverpool) – Junior – 2nd

Jake Evans (Mid Cheshire) – Junior – 3rd

Helen Williams (Mid Cheshire) – Senior - 2nd

Emma Heard (Mid Cheshire) – Senior – 3rd

What a fantastic weekend… we can’t wait for next year…!

Regional Chair (Sheila Saner) and Greater Manchester Chair (Gill Petty)

North West BBQ organised by East Liverpool RDA Group

The NW Region's Participants Rep trying out the vaulting horse!

Annie Wordley's 3rd placed entry to the Arts & Crafts individual sculpture class

Jenny Yates with a thank you from her group (East Liverpool RDA)

Karen Dunne, from Pendle RDA Group, who won Class 33 (Dressage Championships Grade 1-6 (Walk and Trot) Senior) riding her horse Blaze. Karen also got the rosette for the highest dressage score.

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