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Riding Hat Regulations

As you are aware the regulations regarding riding hats is changing. As a result we had an interesting and informative presentation about hats at our Conference at Myerscough ColIege. I know that many of our North West Groups have already replaced and updated their hats to ensure they are all of the PAS 015 standard. Many other Groups have raised money or secured donations to cover the cost of replacements. The North West Regional Committee have been successful in getting a donation from Anne, Duchess of Westminster's Charity specifically for the purchase of new riding hats. If your Group needs help with this cost we can assist. Please contact your County Chairman or me with the number of hats you need to replace and we will work out how best to help. I have also been investigating what can be done with all our "old" hats as it seems such a waste just to throw them away. I have found someone who can arrange for them to be sent abroad to help protect riders where they currently don't even have any hats to use. If you could get your old hats to one of the Regional or County Officers or to Pam Rigby at New Barn Farm, Ollerton near Knutsford then I have arranged that they can be collected and shipped from there. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sheila Saner RDA NW Regional Chairman

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