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RDA North West Regional Show 2024 - Announcement

We understand that many of you are keen to know what is happening about this year’s RDA NW Regional Show.

After talking to the NW groups, and great consideration by the Regional Committee, it is apparent that we will have insufficient entries to make an “in person” Regional Show viable this year or a meaningful competition for the riders.  The Regional Show is a big expense for the Region, largely funded by kind donations. 

There are many reasons for the lower number of entries. Many groups do not currently have horses suitable to travel to a show, or the National Championships, and for many the Regional Show is an added financial pressure when they are already under huge strain in the current financial climate.

However, for those who will be able to attend the RDA National Championships you will not miss out on a chance to qualify and we will be running a virtual Regional Show.  If groups have riders that intend to travel to Hartpury (subject to qualification) then they should email  

We would also encourage every group to enter the RDA Virtual Championships later on in the year.  This is a fantastic national competition that enables everyone to enter a show on a familiar horse, without any need to travel.  We really hope to see some entries from the Region. 

We understand this decision will cause disappointment to some riders and, indeed to us as we love seeing everyone at the show and know how much our riders have enjoyed it.  However, please be reassured the in person Regional Show will return when we are confident we have enough entries to support it in the future and we cannot wait! 

If any riders, or their families, have any queries or concerns about the above please do discuss it with your groups.  Groups, of course, can also contact your County Chairs if you have any questions.

RDA NW Regional Committee


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