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North West RDA Riders' success at RDA National Championships

Four riders from our Region competed at the RDA National Championships, which were held at Hartpury College on 15 and 16 July with competition on Sunday 17 July being suspended due to the unprecedented hot weather.

The riders competing from the North West were Annie Wordley (East Liverpool); Chloe Dooley (Isle of Man); Kassia Amelia Dudek-McGee (Nantwich and District RDA) and Sarah Kelly (Isle of Man). Riders competed in a mixture of Countryside Challenge, Dressage and Best Turned Out. Annie Wordley also entered the Photographic Competition with a lovely picture of “Henry”.

The team from the Isle of Man were riding horses kindly borrowed from Cotsworld RDA (Morph ridden by Chloe Dooley) and Annie Wordley (Harry ridden by Sarah Kelly). However, despite having very little time to get to know their horses, they both rode fantastically in their respective classes.

All riders, their horses and support teams did so well, and the Region is very proud. Thank you so much to all competed and to those who assisted the riders and horses; and loaned horses – you are all amazing!

NW Riders Results

Friday 15 July

Class 13 The Trefoil Guild Countryside Challenge – Led of one side walker

Chloe Dooley (Cotsworld Morph) Snr Isle of Man 79% 2nd

Class 16 The Trefoil Guild Countryside Challenge - Independent

Annie Wordley (Brackenbank Flash Harry) Snr East Liverpool 87.75% 1st

Class 19 Best Turned Out Snr

Annie Wordley (Brackenbank Flash Harry) 79.5 4th

Saturday 16 July

Class 33 Dressage Championships Grade 9 (1-6) Walk and Trot

Sarah Kelly (Brackenbank Flash Harry) Snr Isle of Man 65.27%

Class 35 Dressage Championships Grade 7 Canter

Annie Wordley (Brackenbank Flash Harry) Snr East Liverpool 71.9% Snr 3rd

Kassia Amelia Dudek-McGee (Karibok Queen of Hearts) Open Nantwich & District 73.8% 1st

Class 62 Best Turned Out Jnr

Kassia Amelia Dudek-McGee (Karibok Queen of Hearts) Nantwich & District 94.5 1st

Class 69 Photographic Senior

Annie Wordley East Liverpool 71 3rd

Full results can be found at:

Kassia (photo above and below riding Karibok Queen of Hearts)

Annie with Brackenbank Flash Harry (photo below)

Annie's Entry for the Photographic Competition (below)

Chloe (photo above and below riding Cotsworld Morph)

Sarah (photo above and below riding Brakenbank Flash Harry)


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