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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advice to Groups from RDA UK as at 13 March 2020

Government advice

Following the meeting of the Government’s Cobra committee yesterday, when it was agreed that the UK will move to the ‘delay’ stage of its response, RDA’s policy is that Groups, volunteers and participants should continue to refer to and follow the current official Government advice. You can find this, and more information by clicking here. This page will always contain the most up to date information. We will therefore not be reprinting this information in our own messages, to avoid out of date advice circulating.

The NHS website also provides guidance on the symptoms, how the disease is spread, and how to avoid catching or spreading germs. You can view this at

RDA specific information

While our advice as a nationwide organisation remains in line with the Government’s position, individual groups, volunteers and participants must feel able to make decisions based on their own specific circumstances.

In order for your group to stay open:

  • Everyone must have the ability to wash (or sanitise) their hands in line with government/NHS guidelines

  • Ensure that your volunteers and participants don’t feel under any obligation to attend if they have concerns

  • Respect the feelings of everyone at your group and take their concerns seriously

In addition:

  • There is a leaflet for visitors to your site that you can download from MyRDA and use if you wish

  • You may wish to talk to your schools, care providers or other groups about their plans and if they are happy to continue coming

If your trustees decide to suspend the group

  • Please email us at to let us know so we can keep up to date with the changing situation nationally.

Groups with paid employees

It seems likely that, as the situation escalates, employees will be asked to work from home. This may have an impact on your ability to look after your horses. The government has not issued any advice about this yet. We will let you know as soon as this changes.

In the meantime, ACAS is regularly updating its website with useful advice and information for employers and employees.

Regional Qualifiers and National Championships

Government advice does not currently restrict gatherings or events on the scale of our regional qualifiers and championships. We are reviewing the situation, but for the time being please assume they are continuing.

If the situation changes, and/or we update our advice, we will of course let you know immediately. If you have any specific concerns please do get in touch with us directly.

National Office

We remain open for business as usual, so please contact us with any questions or concerns. If the office has to close we will inform you as soon as possible. You can contact the office on 01926 492915 or email

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