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Winners of the RDA NW Arts & Crafts Competition 2020

We received 19 entries for the RDA NW Arts & Crafts Competition 2020 and the judges were delighted at the high standard of artwork submitted.

To ensure the competition was judged fairly, entries were judged by 4 Regional Officers who had no specific affiliation to any groups that entered. They were sent photographs which had file names of the class followed by competitor number (competitor number was allocated in the order entries arrived). Rankings from all judges were collated to generate overall results.

Judges found Class 69 the most difficult class to judge and, because all of the entries were so close (every entry was scored First by at least one judge), we were very close to having everyone as joint winners!

After much consideration, by the judges, we are pleased to announce that these were the class winners:

Class 68: Painting and drawing


“Helping Hands” by Esme Thompson (Pegasus)

Class 69: Collage


“An RDA Adventure” by Annabel Chapman (Pegasus)


“Pegasus through the eyes of Fallon” by Fallon Bates-Ellison (Pegasus)

Class 71: Sculpture


“Pony with a Difference” by Tia Siddle (Saddleworth)


“Links Wooden Top (Hobby Horse)” by Jeanette Dixon (Mid Cheshire)

Class 73: Photography


“Our Cooper” by Annabel Chapman (Pegasus)


“Best Friends“ by Annie Wordley (West Lancs)

Class 74: Picture for RDA National Training Office


“Colourful Horse in Covid” by Niamh Lynch (Pegasus)

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