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RDA UK’s brand research – have your say!

Please help RDA UK gather brand research by completing the survey linked below.

It is important that they incorporate the views of as many people as possible. We would appreciate your help in sharing this with everyone in your RDA network - trustees, volunteers, participants, families and/or carers.

The online survey has been compiled by RDA UK’s research partners, The Frameworks, and will remain open for the next month. The survey takes a few minutes to complete and will ask for your views on RDA, our reputation, name and logo.

You can find the survey by clicking here.

The survey can also be reached through the MyRDA website, where there is more information about the background to this project.

Further information:

Why has the RDA Board decided to research the RDA brand?

The strength (or otherwise) of the RDA brand has been under discussion for several years within all parts of the organisation. The milestone of the 50th anniversary seems to have reignited the topic. In order to gain clarity and proper insight into this area – rather than rely on a small amount of anecdotal evidence – the board has decided to undertake this research.

What do we mean by ‘brand’?

It’s important to recognise that a ‘brand’ is more than just a logo and a name. These elements are important, of course, but so is the language we use to communicate, the values we all try to live up to and the way we behave, both with each other and with the people we serve. All of these combine to deliver a public understanding of what RDA stands for and promises, and this is what we mean by a brand.

If you have any questions about this project or problems completing the survey please email

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