NW Regional Show results

May 23, 2017

Congratulations to everyone who took part last Sunday.

Please scroll down for the results.




Countryside challenge with leader and one side walker

1st Taby Mitchell Mid Cheshire on Charlie  87.25% Q

2nd Jake Evans Mid Cheshire on Quinn  82.5%    Q

3rd Cody Wakefield Mid Cheshire on Quinn 81.75%

4th Matthew Mercer Beechley Princess Jasmine 81.5%


CC with either leader or side walker  Junior

1st Rosie Macauley Mid Cheshire on Father Ted 97%  Q

2nd Brandon Kennedy West Lancs on Annie Pony 93%  Q

3rd Kian Galt West Lancs Annie Pony 91.5%  Q

4th Keira McInnes Crosby Ellie (officially) 86.75%

5th Marianne Rugman Mid Cheshire Tucker 86.25%

6th equal Sky Webster beechley Cinderella 78.75%

 Chris Hill Beechley Stardarling 78.75%



1st Emma Heard Mid Cheshire Quinn 94%  Q

2nd Louise Byles West Lancs Flash Harry 93%  Q

3rd Charlie Adby  Mid Cheshire Father Ted 91.5%

4th Sophie Cooke Crosby Ellie  90.25%

5th Chris Sinnott  Crosby Ellie  89.75%

6th Angela O'Brien Crosby Buster  84.75%


Independent junior

1st Elliott Simpson Mid Cheshire Father Ted 96.75%Q

2nd Ruben Juckes Beechley Rio 93%Q

3rd Alexandra Pethard Beechley Princess Jasmine 88.75%

4th Isabelle Proctor Crosby Buster 75%



Amie Du Busson Spargo Beechley Rio  95.25%Q

2nd Claire Keith Crosby Buster 76% Q


VI class

1st William Yates West Lancs Flash Harry 90.5%Q


Showjumping level 3  junior

1st  Natasha Galt West Lancs Annie Pony 78% Q



1st Oi Ping Li Park Pendle Orea 86%Q



Grade 4 championship test senior

1st Oi Ping Li Park Pendle Oreo  66.75%Q


Grade 1-6 junior

1st Niamh Jones  Beechley Gullivers Travels 68.05%Q

2nd Joseph Hynes  Beechley Gullivers Travels 65%Q



1st Amie Du Busson Spargo Beechley Rio 68.05%Q

2nd Karen Dunne Pendle Blaze 65.28% Q


Grade ID canter junior

1st Natasha Galt  West Lancs  Annie Pony 72.4%Q

2nd Alexandra Pethard Beechley Princess Jasmine 62.9%Q



1st Annie wordley West Lancs  flash harry 67.6%Q

2nd Tom Gardiner Crosby ellie 66.6% Q

3rd Gary Paton Crosby Buster 65%


Grade 3 senior

1st Isabel Slack Mid Cheshire Flash Harry 69.71%Q


Grade 1 -6 walk senior

1st Craig Harrison Foresters Horn Beauty 73.24%Q


ID walk only junior

1st Hannah Fells Beechley Gullivers Travels 63.61%Q

2nd Eleanor Smith West Lancs Annie Pony 61.67% Q


ID walk/trot junior

1st Kassia Dudek-McGee  Beechley Rio 68% Q



1st Rob Osborne Crosby Ellie 67.5% (not going forward)


Dressage non-qualifier


1st  Elliott Simpson Mid cheshire Quinn 73.13

2nd Rosie Macauley Mid Cheshire Father Ted 69.38

3rd Correy Parletti Beechley Cinderella 66.25%

4th Matthew Maclellan Gullivers Travels Beechley 62.81%

5th Laila Percy Beechley Cinderella 53.4%



1st Elaine Hughes Mid Cheshire Quinn 72.19%

2nd Sarah Sherwood Mid Cheshire Linkwood 71.56%

3rd Charley Adby Mid Cheshire Father Ted 70%

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